VIP Intensives

Get it done for you in a day

Big project?  Hire me for two days!  Smaller project?  Half a day.

Give me your request list, we’ll prioritize, and I’ll bang it out.

You be wherever you want to be, as long as you’re available to connect by Messenger, Zoom, phone, email and can hop online when I need your feedback.  I’ll do up to 8 hours of work on your intensive day.

We’ll do a 45-minute prep call a day or two ahead so that we nail down exactly what you want and make sure you’ve gotten everything you want me to use.

When you book your day, I’ll send you an email with guidelines and suggestions.

Simple, clean, efficient.

Set it up:

1.  Schedule your day

2.  Schedule your 45-minute prep call

3.  Email all of your materials to me

Wondering if we'll be a good fit?

Let’s hop on a quick call to discuss your project!

Typical Day Projects

What can I get done for you in 8 hours?


Who are you?  How do you show that to the world?  Let’s make your business presence express yourself.

Colors, fonts, images, style.

Web Design & Development

Whether you’re starting from scratch or rehabbing an old site, I’m an expert at making your business stand out and make you money.

Rehab:  Spruce up your WordPress site or move your old website from an outdated platform to Divi.

From Scratch:  3 – 4 page WordPress site, you provide all content (words, images, logo, branding)


Do people’s eyes roll back in their heads when they get to your website? Would they rather give up than try to figure out how to work with you? Can they tell if you can solve their problem?

If you even suspect this is a problem, you should be working with me!

I write for you so that people buy your product or service and they’re happy about it!

Social Media

Need some good posts that will really knock it out of the park?

Doing Lives but need professional tips to make them business-effective?

  • Account creation
  • Copy
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Posting (can be pre-scheduled)
Video Editing

Are you showing up on Google?  At all?  Or waaaay down on page 5 where nobody bothers to go?  Search Engine Optimization makes the tweaks that make it possible for people to find you. 

Business Coaching
Site Repairs & Maintenance
Short-Form Sales Page

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