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Philadelphia Carmel

Monastery, Church, birthplace of devotion to St. Therese in the United States

UPDATE:  After about 5 years, I resurrected the website, social media, and took their digital marketing by storm.  Holy storm, that is.

The Trinity: A new domain name, a completely new look, and a new approach which includes online fundraising.

I married the old site with the new functions. 

From Before (way back in 2014):

A lovely group of cloistered nuns in Philadelphia asked me to modernize their old site.  Previously, they had several videos, a photo, and that was about it.  They liked the original look, and the general presentation had deep symbolic meaning for them.  I kept most of the look and feel while transitioning the site to WordPress, and adding

  • photo galleries
  • historical documents organized by author and date of publication
  • events calendar
  • mixed-media slider on the homepage to orient visitors and provide background
  • map with directions
  • audio playlist
  • video gallery slider
  • Facebook page
  • Google + page
  • YouTube channel
  • video editing
  • flyers, prayer cards
  • watermarks on photos for copyright
  • lightbox to display image galleries

The website has been called a “great history of the Catholic Church in Philadelphia and of the Carmelite order.”


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