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Keri Layton, ND

Naturopathic Family Doctor

Dr. Keri Layton is a wonderful naturopath, a family doctor providing two main types of services and connecting with two different types of audiences: patients and other doctors.  Her new website design seamlessly incorporates all of that while at the same time being gorgeous and easy to use even on a phone.  Why?  Because that’s where most of her site visitors will be… while they wait to pick up their kids, in the check-out line at the supermarket, while watching a game.  They’re searching for answers, and her new site delivers!


Website Features:

  • Branding that instantly appeals
  • Clear, concise site navigation
  • Fully Responsive and Mobile-Friendly
  • Perfectly-placed call-to-action buttons
  • Easy-to-understand information and process
  • Clear funnels for the two types of site visitors
  • Feedback form for patients
  • Referral form for other doctors
  • Contact Form
  • Thank-you pages after forms are sent
  • News/Blog



“Heather helped me redesign my website completely, with a tone and feel that exactly suits my clientele. She was very responsive, passionate and knowledgeable about my field and worked very hard to convey my work far beyond text. The images and navigation are beautiful and seamless.

She was responsive, professional and thorough. I whole-heartedly recommend her!!“

Keri Layton

Naturopathic Doctor, Keri Layton, ND

The old site looked like this:

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