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Nicole Daussin, Esq.

Law Firm

Nicole is an amazing force of nature.  She opened her own law firm and was ready to amp up her game with a strong logo, copywriting, and refined website to speak to her target market in Alaska.

She had stunning photos but a weak logo and lackluster website that fizzled rather than sizzled.  She also needed strong SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so that people could find her and a branded, clear onboarding process that guided potential and ongoing clients in a way that felt good for them while taking care of business.

Branding Process

Location, location, location.  And people.  The right people.

Nicole is in Alaska.  It’s magnificent and brutal.  People are strong, independent, and quirky.  We wanted her branding to convey Nicole’s strength, background, education, fierceness, and ability.  In one glance.

As I scrolled through her old materials, I saw the elements: burgundy accents with stylish quirkiness (see the octopus on her boots), practice areas of domestic, criminal, and pets, and her sidekick Flubber, an American Akita dog.  Akitas are loyal, ferociously protective, gentle with loved ones, and formidable adversaries designed for snow country.  They are extremely intelligent, lightning-quick, powerful, and never forget.  When you are picking a team, you want the Akita on your side.  Just like Nicole.


  • Website Renovation: Squarespace site
  • Logo
  • Business Cards
  • Clio: logo and branding on client-facing forms and documents.  Connect payment and document portal to site.
  • Booking: brand and connect scheduler with site
  • Pleading Paper Templates
  • Letterhead Template


Nicole Daussin, Esq.

Lawyer, Matsu Attorney

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