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Dr. Patricia Tidwell, Ph.D.


Dr. Patricia Tidwell helps you on your journey of self-discovery.  She contacted me when she was ready for expert creation of her brand, website, and social media to expand her business.

Branding Process

As we discussed who her current clients are and who she wanted to target, it was clear that Trish wanted a nice balance of genders.  So, although one of her favorite example websites was very feminine in colors and artistic style, we needed something that appealed across the board and which had an entirely different flavor from her competitor.

Trish liked the idea of a map,

of life as a journey, a process, of development on the way to the destination, as an adventure.

I found a multitude of maps in a vast range of styles, from Winnie the Pooh, to Le Petit Prince, to modern metro, to seriously vintage New York City, to Pirates of the Carribean hit the U.K…. and that’s the one that stuck!

The image is more than just a classic map, it also contains relevant, subconsciously-motivating symbols:

  • lightbulb = ideas
  • rose petals = sentimental, sensitive
  • book, hand-written letter, leather-bound journal = notes and clues, bridging the past and the future, personal, standing the test of time, quality
  • coins = transactions
  • oceans = the space between
  • islands = ourselves, contained circumstances which hold treasure

Website & Copywriting Process

Take the best of the old, transition it into the new, and bring it to blossom

Trish’s old website was oldschool — literally black and white and meant to be read all over.  One page of text targeted for colleagues, no imagery or personal flavor, and definitely a turn-off for potential clients.  There was no way for a person needing help with an issue to know what Trish is like as a person, as a therapist, how her background could be especially helpful for them, and it was unclear how to start working with her.  In addition to that, the technology was old and didn’t allow for transformation and expansion into the evolving web tech.

I asked Trish about her client on-boarding process.  For safety and privacy, I left precise location, phone, and email off her site.  Instead, I pinpointed her New York City neighborhood and built a contact form with strong calls to action on the home page, creating a very directive sales funnel to the contact page.

Trish wanted to start with a small site, but be able to expand it

with a blog and additional pages down the road.  Building her site with WordPress leaves room for all options.  I built in doors and laid the foundation to expand her marketing presence when she’s ready.

Matching Business Cards

I also designed Trish’s new business cards to fully match her website.  The branding carries through, and they are something she is proud to hand to friends, colleagues, and potential new clients.  The branding speaks volumes  without Trish having to explain anything, leaving her and the people she’s sharing with more flexibility in their conversation.

Website Features

  • Unique visuals
  • Strong Calls To Action
  • Clear, pertinent info visually laid out for quick scanning
  • Fully Responsive and Mobile-Friendly
  • Contact Form
  • Custom, branded favicon


  • Fonts
  • Signature image/flavor
  • Presentation style
  • Images
  • Colors


“Heather is a great collaborator. I loved working with her to brainstorm about my website — and I’m really happy with what she designed. She understands what I’m looking for and helped me think about the best ways to develop my brand.”


Patricia Tidwell, PhD

Psychotherapist, Patricia Tidwell Psychotherapy

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