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Dr. Michelle Tullier’s new firm is built on 30+ years of experience in career counseling.  She is branching into a specialty in recovery career coaching.  Her new branding and site are a fresh reflection of the new services, offerings, ease and importance of working with her firm.

Her new website has about a 40% conversion rate — almost half of site visitors become clients.

Branding Process

Michelle’s old branding was primarily large blocks of black and white with very small elements of blue.  Stolid and firm, but lacking the feel of freshness and vitality.

Her new colors, logo, images, and website show potential clients and referrers what she is all about — a breath of fresh air, new life arising, choosing and traveling a new path with kind and vital assistance, leading to a vibrant life.

Presenting your own business to the world is a daunting task.

Doing it well involves many pieces, and different art forms.  It really is both art and science together.  Intuitive and analytical at the same time.

Some professionals have spent their careers writing and presenting primarily for one audience, and to change their approach for their new business takes

guts, support, and encouragement.

It’s a process of seeing yourself in a new way and taking on your new life.

Webdesign and Development

I re-organized Michelle’s old content and made it more concise, so that a site visitor’s 5 seconds would be well-spent and hook them into staying, if this was for them.  The combination of visual blocks of information, graphic icons, careful title selection, sizing, and coloring grabs the visitor and directs them to the correct content for them.

Because her business is growing, I built not only the site you see now, but also the foundation to expand current pages and add new pages and functions further down the road.  We have already adding a new landing page for her new branch of business.

Content Creation

Michelle is a stellar writer.  She provided me with excellent written materials, and I edited them to be most effective in the website both visually and for SEO (search engine optimization).



“Heather totally redid my okay-but-nothing-special DIY website, and now it is a Wow! website.  I have already seen a dramatic uptick in incoming clients.  I’m a career counselor in private practice who used to have the vast majority of my clients come from warm referrals, not cold inquiries from people finding me online.  Now, with my new website from Honey Bee Buzz Modern Marketing, the balance has shifted to well over half of my referrals coming from the Web.  And this isn’t just about simple SEO optimization. Lots of people see me listed in two online directories (my national professional association and Psychology Today) and then click thru to my website, which used to be the end of the line.  Now, they see my website and contact me to become paying clients!  I highly recommend Heather’s work.

Michelle Tullier, PhD

Career Counselor, Tullier Consulting, LLC and Pack Your Own Launch

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