Erika Salloux and I had a wonderful, wide-ranging conversation about marketing and the pros and perils of social media.

Erika is a professional organizer whose company is Living Harmony.  She has an amazing background:

  • music industry publicist and artist manager working with performers such as John Mellencamp and EMF
  • WBUR, Public Radio International, Public Broadcasting Service (national public tv), and National Public Radio musical programs

As a quote from her website says:

“…we are ordering far more than our physical life. As we create harmony, we attract harmony. Our lives become sweeter, less chaotic, more flowing.”   ~ Julia Cameron, Author of The Artist’s Way

How we organize and use marketing has an impact on our personal wellbeing.  Choose what works for you!

Erika shares some of her mindful approaches to marketing, including why she avoids Facebook.  I share some of the positives of social media, including Facebook, why so many people use it, and how to avoid some of the issues like overuse.  For instance, yes, there is no doubt that social media, including Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, everything, can become addictive.  It’s such an issue that there are now apps which will track and help you limit your use of apps, I mean, social media.

My point of view is that

Social media is like a bar — a fun place, as long as it doesn’t fuel your addiction

If it’s bad for you, don’t go there!  Use self-control!  If you operate within your healthy boundaries, it can be a great way to connect with other people, learn what they’re doing, spark creativity, make you more productive in your business, spread the buzz about you (and your business), and you can advertise very effectively to a very targeted audience — you can be quite sure that you are only spending money advertising to the people you want to reach.

Here is our entire social media marketing conversation:

What are your thoughts?  Do you use social media?  Personal?  For business?  What do you like or not like?  Do you use an app to limit your usage?  Do you advertise on social media?  Tell us all about it in the comments!

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