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I had THE most FUN doing this podcast with the delightful and whip-smart Mallory Schlabach. 

She made me feel like a supershero.Wonder Woman Honey bee buzz modern marketing websites design development digital marketing

And yes, we talk about

big girl panties

Yup.  I said it. 

And the reason I belabor the point is that it’s pertinent on several levels:

  1. I am afraid of being in front of the camera / on stage
  2. That’s what I need to get the heck over and just DO so that I can MARKET MYSELF (not my strong suit….. ok, it wasn’t…. I’m working on it.) (were you raised to never promote yourself?  I certainly was.  No uncertain terms.  Period.  Wrong.)
  3. But guess who one of my biggest sheros is?  You’re right!  The one with serious Big Girl Panties: WONDER WOMAN!!!  She is badass.  (ok, ok, enough with the puns….) 

But seriously — what a great role model:

  • kindness
  • compassion
  • strength
  • truth
  • righteousness
  • courage
  • creative solutions under pressure

Luckily, Mallory is such a sweetheart that she understands me and helps lead me through my own fears to solidify a path that works for me.  And we laughed most of the way through.  I even laughed listening again.

We all need heroic hand-holding sometimes.

Especially when we’re trying to talk about ourselves, our ideas, our products, and how to promote them to the world.

Ya, a little intimidating.

But that’s what a marketing consultant does with you — help you over your own rough patches and see around the corners that seem so intimidating because they are our own blind spots

Because we have brilliance and goodness to share with the world.

And a little help makes a big difference.

Check out our hillariousness and my timidity.  You may also catch some

awesome marketing tips and approaches


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